Is Antigone Justified

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One of the biggest arguments that has lasted for many years is whether Antigone is more just or whether Creon is more just. There is justification for both Creon and Antigone about what they had done. When Creon made the law to ban the burial of Polyneices, he made Antigone rise up for her brother to give him what she believed was right. Then he did what he believed was right by killing her as the laws say. One of the biggest things that Antigone believes is important is family. Family to her is so important that she was willing to break the law in order to be with her brother. She also kept her sister from taking the blame for burying Polyneices because the sister did not do anything to help Antigone, and she didn’t want anyone else in her…show more content…
She believed that the gods was on her side and thus she was justified in breaking the law. Antigone also followed the morality by doing what she believed was right in trying to bury her brother and give him the rights that she believed he deserved. The moral thing that a human should do is allow the dead to be buried properly no matter they are good or bad. Antigone believed that it would be more moral to follow the gods and bury her brother even though it broke the law. When her sister also tried to take guilt, it was more moral for her to not involve the sister, rather than go through the punishment…show more content…
There is a possibility that the wind over where the body had laid, dust and dirt could have went on the body from high winds. The chorus had even said that it was the work of the gods. Which should have made sense to Creon because if he is such a big believer of the gods, why did he not think that the gods could have buried him and Antigone was actually innocent the entire time. But instead of taking the possibility into consideration, he didn’t follow any of the possibilities except his own. He didn’t want to think that what he did actually went against what the gods had wanted. He wanted to believe that he was blessed by the gods and that all the gods were on his side. He does not follow what usually is morally correct; he follows what he believes is his correct morals, and the morals of the

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