Similarities Between Salem Witch Trials And Mccarthyism

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As comparing The Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism together is there any differences or similarities? Nothing can ever go right for any of these stories. The mystery of these stories may or may not uncover the real truth of what really happened. I the late 1940s to the 1950s there was fewer than 50,000 Americans in the United States. Many of the Libraries pulled books that were considered too leftist. Which in that meaning they were considered to violent or had to do with witchcraft. In Wisconsin, “Red Scare” is often called “McCarthyism” in the mid-nineteenth century. During the depression, rights of the African Americans, workers, and the unemployed became disillusioned with capitalism. In 1947 started of the Federal Loyalty Security Program.…show more content…
Red Scare was well underway by the end of 1947. Series of events in the late 1949 through the 1950’s fed the anti-communist frenzy. Korean war soon developed into a prolonged stalemate. Joseph McCarthy was the one who took advantage of the rising hysteria. Many republicans who despised him found him useful, few dared to challenge McCarthy directly. June, 1941 turned washington and moscow into wartime allies. Authorities in the United States and Canada uncovered evidence of Solvates pionage. In 1946 Senator Robert Taft accused president Truman of seeking of congress. Therefore, in 1947 issued an executive order creating a Federal Loyalty Security Program. Including disproportionate numbers of civil rights activities and gays were fully investigated under the Loyalty Security

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