Comparing Katherina And Bianca In Taming Of The Shrew

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“Force and mind are opposites” when finding love (Rand). Taming Of The Shrew by, Shakespeare is about a bunch of men in Italy trying to marry a beautiful young girl named Bianca, Bianca’s older sister Katherina whom none of the suitors year needs to be married first out of the sisters for Bianca to acquire a companion. It is a tale of lies and deception to get to the wealth, beauty and the desire. The two sisters differ in many ways, Bianca is level headed, easy going and lovable. Katherina is crazy, stubborn and snarky. Bianca and Katherina are two sisters who are very different, while coming from the same parents. As Bianca and Katherina have to deal with pushy men it is shown that Bianca is loveable while Katerina is crazy. When Gremio and Hortensio talk about how they would rather Bianca over Katherina both of the sisters enter the scene. Once Katherina starts talking Gremio and Hortensio see her as a “wench [that] is stark mad” (1.1.68). She is freak to them, no women should talk to them rudely therefore she is crazy. They both need to be married but only one of them id desirable. As Gremio and Hortensio are fighting over who should marry Bianca and how she is the “choice love” of both of them it is shown that they both love her and want her to be theirs (1.2.236-237).…show more content…
When Kate is learning the lute she bashes it over the head of Hortensio, but not before shouts “frets, call you these…I’ll fume with them” (2.1.153). Kate refuses to learn the lute and will not take lessons from Hortensio. Later when Baptista is talking to the tutors for his daughters he is hopeful that Bianca will be “apt to learn and thankful for good turns) (2.1.166). Bianca is willingly taking lessons and wants to learn new things. So, while Kate abuses her tutors’ to get them away Bianca waits patiently for her

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