The People In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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The people in Fahrenheit 451 only care about themselves and what satisfies them instead of caring about others, making them selfish. Humans would do anything to satisfy themselves, without caring about what they do to others. People drive at a very high speed, which results them to not notice the billboards and the pedestrians crossing the street. High speed satisfies people, people decide to drive faster because they think it will make them escape reality. However, in the novel people have no reality, people would do anything to make themselves feel good, but that makes them not care about the others thus, that is the reason they drive really fast. This indicates that the society only cares about itself and whatever makes them satisfied. On…show more content…
Montag said about Clarisse “knew she was working his questions around, seeking the best answers she could possibly give” (Ray Bradbury, 16). Clarisse thinks of what others say to her and she thinks of what replies she gives to people. She is careful with what she says to people because she thinks about how her replies would make people think of her. Moreover, her careful choice of words shows that she appreciates who she is talking to and that she wants to create a good relationship with them; Clarisse cares about Montag since she answers him by giving replies that would not hurt him emotionally in any way…show more content…
Despite this, not reading and thinking leads to an empty mind and absence in human senses. “I rarely watch the parlor walls or go to races or fun parks so I’ve lots of time for crazy thoughts, I guess” (Ray Bradbury, 20). Also, Clarisse keeps asking Montag questions about his job and the society they live in similarly to, “You're not in love with anyone,” “How long have you been a fireman? Why do you do it?”(Bradbury, 46). Since Clarisse does not spend time on vague entertainment, she has the time to observe and think about the world around her. She knows why firemen burn books and why he decided to take this job, not because he wanted it, but because it is a family tradition for the man to be a fire man, but somewhere along the years, the job was changed from shutting down fire into turning ion fire and burn books. Also, she knows why the billboards are bigger now, but she is interested in the real world and the sensations it gives, rather than the man made world, which is full of senseless entertainment. Books are the best way for a person to become educated and be able to think outside the box that the government wants them to be in. Clarisse demonstrates that books are the best way for a person to become educated and smart, by saying “ didn’t firemen used to shut down the fire in the houses?” she knows that they did, but she wanted to see what a fireman’s response would be. She knows history

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