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Introduction to globalisation It is a notion in practice to justify the growth in the interdependence of countries across the globe as being the effect of globalisation. Globalisation, according to The Great Globalisation Debate: An introduction can be described as a phenomenon observed across three distinguishing dimensions namely; material, spatio-temporal and cognitive. The afore mentioned spheres are aspects to globalisation that attempt to categorize the numerous definitions of globalisation that have emerged with time. In order to delve, invulnerably into the correlation between the effects of globalisation, the constituents thereof are to be critically anatomized. Material The basic functionality of industry in countries requires resources…show more content…
With the material aspect in regard, the availability of transport and infrastructure eliminates the borders between countries while bringing all countries within advantageous reach. Inherently, the compression of space identifies more with the concept of globalisation however time compression ultimately becomes the result such that the flow of capital not only circulates generously between countries, it happens very swiftly as well. The internationalization of the prices of production manages to confine global interactions to centralized destination. It can be argued that the increased ease of access in the global market contradicts the security measures enforced to minimize illegal entry into some countries. Does globalisation then in this regard maintain its premise of integration of world states? If so, how, when it is only objects with monetary value that are liberated? The African continent within its own right places harsh methods in ensuring that “foreigners” do not intrude in their respective…show more content…
It is observed throughout history that the destruction of preformed societal, economical, political and cultural configurations due to the impact of colonial rule has resulted in a clear division between those that maintained an indigenous cognitive lifestyle and the latter that continued the forced legacy of the European government. The African continent now scrummages to gain financial independence with countries like Zimbabwe being coerced to utilizing the US dollar -as ineffective as this contingency has been deemed to be- in the attempt to not go completely powerless in

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