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On April 28, 1992, Chris McCandless, a recent college graduate, begins his journey into the wild backcountry of Alaska. The book, “Into The Wild”, by Jon Krakauer tells the story of Christopher’s adventure leaving you with more questions rather than answers. Why would a brilliant young man choose to abandon life so abruptly? How come he did not inform anyone of his whereabouts? What drove him to desire a lifestyle of solidarity and minimalism? Many people have a sense of wanderlust in them; however, not to the irrational extent of ‘Alexander Supertramp’. The only logical explanation for his journey was that his independence and resentment of society caused him to become subconsciously suicidal. Throughout the 215 page narrative the reader…show more content…
He used feathers as a form of insulation for his clothing and taped his pants for extra padding. While nearing the end of the journey Christopher had felt as though he had reached the stage of enlightenment he had desired and attempted to venture back to civilization. On his journey back he encountered a river that he had previously crossed while frozen, however it was now July and the ice has melted turning the river into a rapid. Rather than attempting to find an alternative route, Chris chose to return to camp. The lack of inclination to discover another way out leads one to believe that he had no real intention or desire to leave in the first place, even with the understanding that he would die if he did…show more content…
He wrote “happiness only real when shared”, which provides insight to him possibly becoming less independent and realizing the importance of people in one’s life. He also writes three more messages referencing the fact that he is on the verge of death and is starving, one of them includes and S.O.S asking for help. Some may argue that this is a prominent point which proves that he was in fact not suicidal; however, even suicidal people regret choosing death while following through with ending their life. The New Yorker once interviewed people who attempted suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and every single one of them said that they had instantly regretted their decision midair. People may prepare for death and accept it, yet it is unnatural for the human body to not resist death while going through

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