Argumentative Essay On Smoking

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1.0 EFFECTIVENESS OF E-CIGARETTE AS SMOKING CESSATION AID TOOL AMONG MALAYSIAN 2.0 BACKGROUND Cigarette smoking has been an alarming health issue globally as it becomes the leading cause of preventable death from wide range of smoking-related diseases and Malaysia is not excluded. Apart from that fact, it also causes approximately 600,000 premature deaths annually across the globe in passive smokers. A statistic in the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe Region has shown that 1.6 million deaths related to smoking occur every year. Few measures have been taken in aligning alternatives to smoking addiction. These alternatives aim to help the active smokers in their attempt to quit smoking, thus, promoting a healthier lifestyle and improving the health status in the population. The alternatives to aid smoking cessation today includes the introduction of e-cigarettes, Nicotine Treatment Therapy (NRT) bought over the counter, medical prescription to stop smoking or behavioural support. [2]…show more content…
The nicotine has been liquefied first in a propylene glycol or vegetable glycol and water, without producing smoke. E-cigarette is seen as not harmful compared the conventional cigarette, which it gives off a vapour free from dangerous material, for instance tar. [3] The use of e-cigarette to aid in the attempt to quit smoking has increased in popularity recently. More and more people begins to swap their tobacco cigarette to e-cigarette as to reduce its potential risks. [4] However, the use of e-cigarette in Malaysia can still be considered as new among smokers who attempt to quit smoking. International Tobacco Control (ITC), in their surveys from 10 countries, reported that the awareness of e-cigarette use in Malaysia 62% (2011) which was lower compared to developed countries for instance US 73% (2010) and Australia 66%

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