Intel Product Development Strategy

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Creating new products is very risky whether it is for a new or existing market. Intel main marketing strategy is product development because they seek to build new products for their market. Even though making a new product is risky and expensive, it can generate large amounts of income for the company. Originally, Intel made a product called the Intel® ViivTM which can play/pause television shows, download films, music and games, and enable easier movement of content around the home. As a new product, Intel would have been able to command a large number of sales because of its functionality ad lack of competition. In terms of mobile processors, Intel launched its Intel® Centrino® Duo. This was the first dual core processor for the notebook…show more content…
Coca Cola produces, carbonated soft drinks, water, and juices and even milk. The most popular product of the Coca Cola Company is its Coca Cola soft drink also known as Coke. Before Coca Cola was available around the world company would have used a market development strategy. They launched their products in many new countries and by extension new markets. This caused the brand to become recognised around the world by the bottle shape and even the colour. Eventually, Coca Cola launched a new product more than thirty years ago known as diet coke. It became a sensation amongst women but men shunned away from the brand due to its female identity. Coca Cola thus introduce Coke Zero for the male market. The males quickly gravitated to the Coke Zero rather than the diet coke even though it is the same…show more content…
Coke can be located in nearly all countries. All the coke are standardized to present the same taste and packaging despite the country of origin. Coca cola market development strategy was successful because it allowed the brand to be easily recognisable amongst customers and consumers. Consumers feel a sense of safety when buying this product because despite the region or country it will still taste the same. Due to a strong brand presence Coca cola is able to generate large number of sales throughout all its products. The company also utilizes the same standardized approach to all of its products DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGY The diversification strategy is the development of new products for new markets (What is the Ansoff Matrix, n.d). This is the most risky of the growth strategies in the Ansoff Matrix. This is due to the fact that the business has little experience in this new market. When undertaking a diversification strategy, the company has to acquire new skills, new techniques and new facilities. Diversification-

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