Integrative Definition Of Leadership

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Leadership is widespread in everyday life; however, it is not an easy concept to define. There is no consensus definition of leadership; however, leadership is a key factor to success an activity that involves a group of people (Ofori and Toor, 2012). There were numerous differences of view between different people, with the different background, education and culture. Leadership is one of the subjects in the social science study. There was a broad definition given to the leaderships according to the different study approaches. Each researcher has defined the leaderships according to their own perspective. In common, there were three essences to define the leadership, which include the keyword of influence, group and goal. The leadership…show more content…
Most of the leadership study was merely examining the parts of leadership. The integrative definition of leadership is the leader is the person who selects, equips, train, and influences the followers from the different background to willing contribute under a concerted coordinated effort to achieve the organisational mission and objectives. The leaders achieve the influence by conveying the future vision, by seeking the greater good for followers, by inspiring, by achieving unity of common value, by building credibility and trust, and by recognising the outside environment of the…show more content…
The four cores of credibility include integrity, intent, capabilities, and results (Covey, 2004). Leadership is a group activity, is based on social influence, and revolves around a common task (Chemers, 1997). According to Keller and Price (2011), leadership is the extent to which leaders inspire action by others. The leadership is one of the elements in the organisation health. While by it, there are four types of leadership practices underpinning organisational health, it is comprised of authoritative leadership, consultative leadership, supportive leadership, and challenging leadership. Leaders work to develop new approaches to the problem, which the leaders are responsible for establishing organisational goals and direction, motivation, aligning followers to organisational goals, and encourage

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