Orchestra Composition

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An Orchestra is summarized as a group of musicians who play basically classical music together on various instruments and led by a conductor. It includes the sections of brass, woodwind, string, and percussion instruments. Apart from this ,orchestra instruments such as piano and celesta may sometimes be classified into a fifth section, for instance, the keyboard section. Sometimes it may have to stand alone, same goes to the concert harp, electric and electronic instruments. Orchestra has no bearing on specifically size of ensemble or genre. A smaller-sized orchestra that consists of about twenty-five musicians is called a chamber orchestra. It is used for the early classical music and the authentic performance of baroque period as…show more content…
First of foremost, the symphony, it includes string, brass, wind and percussion instruments. A symphony orchestra will normally included over eighty musicians on its roster or lists. Large size of symphony orchestra may include a hundred of musicians. The songs being played and also the size of the venue may affect the actual number of musicians employed in a specifically performance. A modern orchestra may consist of nine woodwind instruments, ten brass instruments, twelve percussion and fifty to sixty string instruments. A city like New York has symphony and philharmonic and it’s common for a city to have more than one orchestra, which have the same structure yet different names to tell them apart. Symphonies play each types of music from classical to film scores as well as jazz. They lead by a conductor as always. A chamber orchestra is a smaller version than a symphony. These smaller-sized orchestras generally have less than fifty musicians. The space in chamber room of a private home or public hall is enough to fit in this small orchestra. In a symphony, there will be two or three musicians playing the same musical part, but in a chamber orchestra, there will be only one musician uses per musical part. Except the amount of string instruments, which are generally same as the symphony orchestras. The type of music played by chamber orchestra is similar to symphony orchestra. They are also lead by a…show more content…
During the late 6th and early 7th centuries, the very first orchestras were organized by the Kings and the Queens of France in italian churches as well as the other places. They played for ballets, opera and also dance parties. Most of these orchestra used stringed instrument. Just like the 15th and 16th centuries in Italy, the households of rich family had musicians to provide musics playing for dance as well as court, however when the theatre emerged, particularly opera. Around the middle of 17th century, during the baroque period, orchestra started to take shape. During the time, orchestras were made up of small group of musicians and were gathered for festivals, holidays, or even funerals. The real modern of orchestras started in the late 16th century when composers started to write music for instrumental groups. In the early 17th century, some European composers, for instance, Johann Sebastian Bach or George Frederic Handel, both of them wrote musics for orchestra groups. Music was then increasing written for some groups of players in combination. Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang A. Mozart perfected the classical symphony in the late 17th century and early 18th century. Composers like Richard Strauss and Igor Stravinsk y created musical works that needed large ensembles to play during the 20th century . Electronic instruments were

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