Examples Of Masculinity In Film

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Masculinity in film is often associated with the stereotypical qualities of the ‘alpha male’, one who is clearly seen as a leader and prevailing in a group. This characteristic is displayed through David Greene (Brendon Fraser) in the movie School Ties (1992) directed by Robert Mandel. Throughout the movie, Mandel uses several narrative, symbolic and technical elements to expresses David Greene’s masculinity, established by Greene’s protection of others, his dominant leadership and high self esteem. An alpha male characteristic of David Greene is that he does not need people’s acceptance. This is displayed in David’s costumes, rebellious actions and dialogue. Inside the church, David encounters the principal who asks him “Mr Greene, was it worth it, breaking a tradition just to win a football game?” “Your tradition or mine sir?” David replies. In this scene, Mandel positions the audience to realise that David is unapologetic about his faith. As well as his dialogue, David’s defiance of authority helps express his confident character. Mr Cleary, his housemaster, tells off David and his classmates for playing loud music. In doing so, David mocks Cleary’s action multiple…show more content…
“You did this! ...I’ll get you!” says David to a teacher as he supports his classmate. This statement shows how David put his friend before himself as the result of threatening the teacher could see him expelled. This positions the audience to view David as somebody who strives to protect others. As well, the rapid movements of the camera and close up shots of this scene, reveals David’s determination and anger, and that he’s not afraid to stand up to those in authority. This camera work is used to emphasise how important others are to him and shows viewers David’s alpha-male characteristics that help establish the kind of man he
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