Wisconsin World Flights Airline Case Study

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B) What is the state of the resources of our airline company? Wisconsin World Flights airline company resources can be divided into two types: tangible and intangible resources. Tangible resources Tangible resources are the assets we have in possession and the products we offer towards our customers. It can be divided into two main part which are physical resources and technological resources. Physical resources Since without aircraft, airlines could not function, aircraft become a major resource for any airline company. For instance the airplanes we own or the in-flight magazine offered during flights. We started with 3 Beechcrafts 1900 that had 19 seats each. However, we decided to sell the three Beechcraft 1900 due the fact that the Beechcrafts 1900 were not up to date, they were 17 years old and bought second-hand. In addition, because of the fact that we are a mid-class airline and the Beechcraft 1900 are more appropriate for low budget flights.Therefore, we bought new planes, namely four Embraer Brasilia’s that have seats for 30 passengers and can fly more miles than the…show more content…
The HR department is responsible for training employees and The knowledge that the employee needs to gain through training experience. Wisconsin World Flights airline company has 81 employees, including managers from different departments, ground staff, marketing and accounting personnel. Wisconsin World Flights airline company good to explore the advantages of each employee and reasonable use of these advantages. Therefore, to achieve the company's mission and vision HR staff need training so that they meet the company's image. Besides, the passengers who with disable people were taken into account as will. Wisconsin World Flights airline company wants to give them a better service through training employee and makes them can better serve different types of

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