Inequality In Australia

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Good morning/afternoon. In Australia, rich people are gaining more and more money, whilst the poor have virtually none. Because of this, a giant ‘gap’ is created between the rich and the poor. The Catholic Church and the Catholic Social Teachings are important and will help get rid of this issue. Many people believe that rich people should be donating more money to the poor, so that they can make a difference. Over the past 30 years, the gap between the rich and the poor has grown. This inequality in Australia has been rising since the mid-1990s. Surveys have shown that Australians think that: this gap has widened over the past decade, it has made Australia a worse place to live, that the very wealthy people in Australia don’t pay enough tax…show more content…
Unfortunately, these particular Catholic Social Teachings are being violated by people who aren’t willing to help with the problem regarding the rich and the poor. Generosity and endurance are moral values associated with the issue. People filled with generosity can help because they are able to provide the poor with gifts and compassion. The poor must keep on going, despite the rough conditions they live in, which is where endurance comes in. These moral values, along with the Catholic Social Teachings, play an important role for the problem facing Australian society. In 1866, Mary Mackillop, concerned for the lack of education, opened a Catholic school to provide education for poor and/or underprivileged children. She chose to help because she cared about poor and homeless children who didn’t have proper education or anyone to look after them. Mary had faith in God and spent her life mainly helping children. During that same year, the Sisters of Joseph were founded. The Sisters of Joseph were, and are, are faith community who share in God’s

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