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Essay on “Young Goodman Brown” Young Goodman Brown is one of the journeys that covers humans inner world. And this journey shows Goodman Brown ending his life pessimistically by avoiding good and evil. William Hawthorne, the author of “Young Goodman Brown”, born in Puritan family, and Hawthorne were struggling by distortion influenced of Puritans by that time. Also Hawthorne’s journey contains the human struggling when they denying good and evil in humans’ inner world, but in Hawthorne’s journey those humans who struggle never find the right answer of the good and evil and towards to the end they all have pessimistically death. When Hawthorne was writing this journey he had a very hard time, because Hawthorne couldn’t understand of Puritan…show more content…
Also when Faith was trying to stop Goodman Brown to leave her she was wearing pink ribbons in her hair and told Goodman Brown that she had a bad dream and she is afraid of being alone, but Goodman Brown decided to follow evil and sating that this was the last night, and after that he would follow Faith to heaven. And with that faith Goodman Brown follows the evil into a forest along the dark path. And this shows Goodman Browns weakness of his faith. This time the meaning of faith is religious belief, it breaks in to two different pictures. Small piece shows Goodman Browns Faith, and big piece shows the man’s faith. Goodman Brown had a faith even though he leaves his wife the believer Faith; because he couldn’t avoid the temptation, when he comes back to her, the faith will stay there where it was and waiting for Goodman brown to come back. And this shows the poorness of the human’s faith these days. Human leave the faith and live their life whatever they want to live: and thinking that, when they come back to faith whenever and believe in faith again, and the faith will lead them to

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