Indonesia Bilateral Relations Case Study

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CHAPTER II INDONESIA AND THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA BILATERAL RELATION Indonesia and China diplomatic relations was commenced in 13th April 1950. However, it was then suspended on 30th October 1967. In 1989, After a long freezing relation, Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China announce that both countries will normalize the diplomatic relations. Furthermore, both countries agreed to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on the Resumption of Diplomatic Relations normalization agreement in 8 August 1990. With this normalization, Indonesia and China enters a new phase in bilateral relations which enabled the exchange of visit by civilians and also government officials. In 2018 Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China will be celebrating…show more content…
It covers economic, scientific, technological, political and cultural fields, contains both bilateral and multilateral levels, and is conducted by both governments and non-governmental groups. By ‘strategic’, it means that the cooperation should be long-term and stable. It transcends the differences in ideology and social system and is not subjected to the impacts of individual events that occur from time to time. By ‘partnership’, it means that the cooperation should be equal-footed, mutually beneficial and win-win. The two sides should base themselves on mutual respect and mutual trust, endeavor to expand converging interests and seek common ground on the major issues while shelving differences on the minor…show more content…
In this historical occasion, President Hu and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia signed the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership between Republic of Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China to promote bilateral ties. The establishment of this strategic partnership between China and Indonesia signals the determination of both countries to complement each other’s efforts at achieving common national purposes and at the same time serve constructive regional and global ends. This partnership is one of the major highlights of Indonesia and China bilateral relations. There are five key areas that both countries are focusing on in this strategic partnership. Those are; political and security cooperation, deepening economic and development cooperation, enhancing socio-cultural cooperation, and expanding non-governmental

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