Individual Autonomy And Social Structure: Chapter Analysis

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From this chapter Individual Autonomy and Social Structure, Dorothy Lee talks about our present community, saying it is “difficult to implement respect for individual integrity, for what we have called human dignity in the everyday details of living” (Lee 5). Dorothy Lee further states examples from other different cultures and how they deal with or resolve these circumstances we are faced with in our daily society. The key social problem according to Lee is resolving the case between individual autonomy and the social structure. Individual autonomy has to do with the human freedom to live according to his or her motive and system. Social structure is the way in which the society is shaped in relations with the societal laws, regulations and…show more content…
It is not only baaed on various actions taken but also influenced by the way in which the Wintu Indians speak and communicate with one another. The Wintu Indians have a distinct way in which they speak. An example by the Wintu is “I went with the baby…” instead of “I took the baby…” (Lee 8). Through the way the Wintu Indians speak, they show a sense of “cooperative effort instead of coercion”(Lee 8). This is very beautiful and interesting as it shows the level of freedom not just experienced by the older person but also by a baby or a young child in this society. This is the kind of attitude that should be possessed by individual and the society in which the live. As such, both parties benefit. The Wintu Indians, through their manner of speech, do not show a sense of possessiveness. For example, they would say, “I am sistered” instead of “I have a sister” (Lee 8). This is totally different from the way we speak in our present day society. As the Wintu Indians do not express possession, this shows that there is unity, respect and freedom existing in this society. The Wintus would be able to work hand in hand with each other and share their belongings with themselves not minding who actually owns the product. All these qualities would contribute to the Wintus having and happy a proper life in their

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