Oedipus Flaws Essay

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Oedipus the Flawed Sophocles depicts Oedipus as a just ruler with a short temper. In the beginning we see Odeipus distraught about the great plague that has occupied the city of Thebes. “My spirit/ Groans for the city, for myself, (and) for you” (Sophocles 65-66) Around the age of fifteen, Oedipus overheard “a drunken man maundering in his cups/ (Cry) out that (Oedipus is) not (his) father’s son” (735-736). As a result of this incident, Oedipus confronted his “family” about the accusation. Nonetheless they reassured him that he was indeed their “son”. Not satisfied with Polybus and Merope’s answer Oedipus proceeded to the Oracle where he received a prophecy instead of a direct answer. This was the beginning of his downfall; impulsive decisions took control of his being when told he would marry his mother after killing his father. His first mistake was running away from Corinth without any consideration of why he was at the Oracle in the first place. He was doubtful that his parents were actually his parents so why run away from them? Oedipus should have clearly thought about the reasoning behind his presence at the Oracle. Instead of running away he should have confronted…show more content…
There was no real reason that Oedipus had to doubt that Polybus and Merope were not his real parents besides a claim from a drunken man. They had raised him as their own for fifteen some years so why doubt them now? Running away from Corinth was to protect his “parents” which probably seemed rational to his imprudent mind. I understand that it could be seen in this way but Oedipus did go to the Oracle to figure out if his parents were his or not. Although a drunken man cannot be labeled completely lucid, how would he come up with such an allegation? Instead of running away to protect his parents a thoughtful verdict should have been made before running into the
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