The Dead James Joyce Analysis

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No.1 post **********Exploring the Joyce's traumatizing childhood experiences*************Hello, Mr. Alhamoui and folks!!Referring to my original Discussion 8 posting:During his academic periods, he excelled through the University College Dublin, although his father was an alcoholic and eventually unemployed, which contributed to the emotional isolation of his mother. However, James must love her, because he drank heavily after his mother's death, caused by liver cancer in 1904. According to the James Joyce Centre, Joyce wrote to a colleague to answer that, "he believed his mother was killed by his father's behavior" (James Joyce Centre, 2014). Not only James Joyce, but also any children would have struggled to understand their own mother's…show more content…
They finally found him in the small room where he received confession of the guilty talking with himself" (Joyce, The Sisters, 2001). As shown above, keyword "death or dead" appears so many times in "The Dead" as well as "The sisters."Above all, have you identified the Joyce's story as if the author is seeking to make sense of his traumatizing experiences, Mr. Alhamoui and folks?ReferenceAlhamoui, W, M. (2017). Re: Discussion 8 The Sisters. by James Joyce. Retrieved August 08, 2017, from Joyce, J. (2001). The Sisters, GUTENBERG EBOOK DUBLINERS. Retrieved March 09, 2017, from Suzuki, Y. (2017). "The Dead": Re-awake your inner self. Retrieved August 08, 2017, from…show more content…
Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, then fade and wither dismally with age ... countless dead in living people's lives, and observes that everyone he knows, himself included, will one day only be a memory (Suzuki, The Dead, 2017). Speaking of the “Death”, a few days ago, a doctor diagnosed my good friend with cancer (6 months to live). When I face with "Death," I am awake in my mind. And I appreciate any form of life and my existence ever before. Since I detect a keyword "death and dead" in his story of "The sisters and The Dead" so many times, I have a hunch which James Joyce may be trying to experiment awareness of "Death" to his audience in his story. Question: Did anyone find the death related keywords or themes in other stories of James Joyce? I highly appreciate very much if you can tell me about the death theme of Joyce from other stories, please. Let me hear from you, folks!! ReferenceSuzuki, Y. (2017). "The Dead": Re-awake your inner self. Retrieved August 08, 2017, from

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