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The historically and spiritual path the Navajo people have endured during their stint in North America is quite remarkable. Their journey through time has been orally passed down from generation to generation, creating an identity for themselves despite their conflict of removal and near fear of extinction from their lands forced by the United States. The hardship that haunted such a spiritual group of natives is unfair, but the relentlessness of the Navajo people and their constant battle to secure and sustain means of life on their own land are their biggest achievements. The History of the Navajo people and their culture deserves to be remembered in light of realizing the experience of the first Americans and how far they have come since the US first’s arrival. Their culture and religion plays a critical role in the daily…show more content…
One Navajo female explained the Shoe Game in its entirety, “It began back before there was day or night. There were creatures then, ones we now think of as day creatures and night creatures, but they were yet to take on their present bodily forms. On one occasion, Coyote unwittingly bumped into this monster and realized he was in deep trouble. Instead of running the coyote said, “Hello. You’re the one I was looking for. I’ve invented a game and I want you to play it.” And as it work out the coyote quickly racked his brain to invent a game, which was the Shoe Game.” As it work out this game was to be played by two teams, day creatures and night creatures, and the outcome of the winner would decide if there was going to be permanent day or night. Legend has it neither team one so now there’s both day and night. Other spiritual ceremonies are not taken as lightly as the Shoe games

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