Range-Finding By Robert Frost Analysis Essay

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Part I: Scansion and Analysis, I choose the poem “Range-Finding” by Robert Frost, I choose this poem because I found it interesting due to the unique writing style and wording found in the poem such as ”O’ernight ‘twixt mullein”. I believe the poem has a rhyme scheme of ABBAABBA-CCDEED (stung A, nest B, breast B, hung A, Young A, disposed B, rest B, clung A, spread C, thread C, dew D, dry E, fly E and withdrew D.) The poem has two stanzas, the first is 8 lines the second is 6 lines, the rhyme scheme changes from ABBAABBA in the first stanza to CCDEED in the second. The poem has a few enjambment lines such as "The indwelling spider ran to greet the fly,/ but finding nothing , sullenly withdrew." (13-14) and “A moment sought in air his flower of rest, Then lightly stooped to it and fluttering…show more content…
The poem is very organized in structure and flows well, the sentences consist of seven to nine words per line, and the poem’s form is a sonnet as well as ode. Part II: Explication, The poem summed up, is about a bullet on the battlefield fired to kill a man, but in its path and does some damage to the wildlife before finally striking the victim in the chest. The title of the poem is also called “Range-finding” which is an older term used to find the distance to properly adjust the gun scope so the gun will be accurate at that range that is measured. The main issue discussed or addressed in this poem is the bullet and its path of destruction before it reaches its target. The poem

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