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A Rose for Emily written by William Faulkner was published in 1930. The author seems to follow the associative Southern story narrating style. This story includes multiple people by linking them into a common descriptive voice, an unnamed narrator. An anonymous narrator tells about the odd conditions of Emily’s life as well as consciousness of the entire town of Jefferson which is the county seat of Yoknapatawpha. Jefferson is involved in most of Faulkner’s fiction. Generation gap, resentment, bitterness, forbidden love and disillusionment are the main themes of this story. This story depicts the human mentality. The author has addressed many issues that are linked with secret aspects of human life. Absolute evil or good both aspects form…show more content…
A reader feels it a bit difficult to distinguish the ways of perceiving the character. It is obvious that she committed a obsessive murder. The most prominent feature of this story is the scenario of lover’s poisoning and later treating the dead body as he was still living and it continued for several years. The author develops the climax in steps. This story begins with the demise and swings to the near past. A Rose for Emily is a multilayered outstanding story. The writer utilizes the dialect, portrayal, order, a sober mentality and a calm analysis. The major idea of the story is that no one must oppose or completely acknowledge change. Death is initially portrayed in the first passage of this story it has been mentioned in the story again and again including the passing of her dad, Colonel Sartoris, Homer Barron and finally Emily. Miss Emily had been seeking for love in her life. However, she was brave enough not to afraid of dying. Her contemporaries did not understand her. Her dad was a tenacious man who felt that nobody was good for his daughter. Emily came close to Homer Barron but she found that he was not loyal to her. All these factors influenced Emily and she thought it better to kill

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