Important Historical Events Before America

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Analytical Essay 2 Before America was first established many important historical events took place in order for us to become a country. One major event in our history is the African Trade Slave. In order to become a civilized nation there was extensive labor to be done. As colonies were established and growing so were the tasks. The colonists weren’t enough to complete everything that needed to be done. They needed more people and this led to the African Trade Slave. Africans were token away from their homes and families in a cruel matter. In order to travel to the new world they had to do so overseas aboard ships. In order for Slave Traders to have the best profit they crowded many slaves on board. The Africans traveled in hardship conditions. Some never made it to the New World. Some hardships that prevented Africans from arriving to America were diseases, accidents, and or they were beat to death. Such things prevented Africans from arriving to the New England.…show more content…
While aboard traveling to the New World many contracted diseases and died, causing them to never arrive in America. They traveled in filthy and unsanitary conditions. They were all crowed in to small places and basically stacked on each other. They traveled under the deck of the boat were it was humid and hot. They couldn’t shower or use the toilet properly. They had no restrooms, so when they had the necessity to use the restroom they would go anywhere. The feces couldn’t be disposed properly. Which later grow into bacteria and was easily transmitted along the travelers. Also many became sea sick causing them to vomit and transmit bacteria. They couldn’t be treated so many died and were left just lying there. Disease was one of the major events that prevented Africans from Arriving to

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