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Named after a famous Italian explorer, Colombia, or the Republic of Colombia, is situated in South America, shares it's border with five different countries and is the only Country in South America to have coastlines reaching both the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. This amazing country is also home to hundreds of different bird species, and is known for it's biodiversity, with over three hundred ecosystem types, giving Colombia its place amongst the most biodiverse countries in the entire world. These interesting facts about Colombia show us that there surely are a bit of everything that can be found in this amazing country, situated in South America. Let's start with a few fun, yet interesting facts about Colombia, and all its diverse features…show more content…
Colombia has 2 different national days they celebrate, the first being Independence day, which is in celebration of the event that occurred on 20 July 1810. The second national day that's celebrated across Colombia falls on August 7 and have been celebrated since 1819. This celebrated national day is known as the Battle of Boyaca, and refers to an event that happened in 1819. In Casa de Teja, which is now part of Boyaca Department, the Battle of Boyaca occurred, and refers to the period when Colombia gained its final independence from the Spanish Monarchy. This battle occurred in 1819, as have been celebrated on August 7 every year ever since the battle occurred. Now that we've had a look at some of the most important historical events that took place, and the events that formed Colombia as we know it today, all part of our collection of interesting facts about Colombia, we can move on to some final interesting facts about Colombia that touches their diversity and the amazing features you can find when travelling to

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