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When we say that someone is beautiful, we usually mean that the person looks physically appealing. As Plato once said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders”, the definition of beauty differs across cultures and era and differ among individuals. During 500-300 B.C. in Ancient Greece, women who had a plump figure and light skin were considered beautiful. During the Han and Qin dynasty in China, it was a trend for women to draw heart or flower shapes on their lips. Beauty standards today have revolutionized; people around the world have a great obsession with thigh gaps and slender model figure. However, even till today where globalization has highly connected the world, beauty standards still differ greatly in different countries. In the…show more content…
My grandmother has always been someone who inspires me greatly. Widowed since the age of 35, she single-handedly raised 5 children by running a small local farming business in Malaysia. My father would always tell me stories about how Grandma never fails to wake up at 4a.m. daily to feed the chicken and prepare for harvesting. Once, when her neighbours’ crops were attacked by insects, Grandma stopped her business and shared her limited harvest with them. There is a Chinese saying that goes “Huo Dao Lao Xue Dao Lao” which means to never stop learning even at old age. Currently at the age of 70, Grandma owns a couple of aeroponics vegetable farms in Malaysia. She ditched the traditional farming methods and learned to produce higher quality food and save water and space at the same time. Grandma may be old with her face full of wrinkles, her hair all grey, but she is truly beautiful. She inspires and set as a good role model for younger generations. Beauty is not about how big your thigh gap is or how amazing your features are. Beauty is undying, it is able to withstand the test of time and is universal among cultures. Beauty is about believing in oneself and doing good for others. Just like what Audrey Hepburn once said, true beauty comes from

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