Moonlight Film Analysis

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In the movie “Moonlight”, the main character of the plot is a boy named Chiron. At his school, he is bullied and accused of being gay. The night before he is harassed, he kissed his friend Kevin. But the next day at school, a student named Terrell tells Kevin to beat up Chiron. The start of this scene has Terrell walking in circles around all the student at the school. This act that he is performing makes him seem dominant over all the other kids, like when an animal circles its prey before attacking like he is with Chiron. Like the first scene in the movie with the drug dealer and the addict, the camera is spinning in circles showing confusion, chaos and also building up to what is coming. During this scene, music also starts and it is dark, foreshadowing that something bad is coming. Suddenly, the shot cuts to Kevin and then Chiron. In this scene, Terrell is using vulgar language against Chiron and making fun of him for being gay. The composition of this still of Chiron is a close-up shot, meaning that the viewer is able to see the smallest facial expressions and it also makes…show more content…
In all the shots of Kevin, his classmates are in the background with him, pushing him to bully and punch Chiron. The lighting in this scene is very interesting. The night before this day in the movie, Chiron and Kevin were at a beach together and they kissed. This scene takes place during the daytime. The audience can see that during the daytime and in lightness, Kevin tries acting like a different person and pretending the events from the night before did not occur. In the darkness, Kevin is able to hide from himself and is alone with Chiron. Also in the dark, Kevin is not able to see Chiron and that fact that he is also a boy. During the daytime, Kevin is forced to face the reality of the situation and the possibly he could be gay and gets scared. He gives into peer pressure and beats up his friend that he could be in love

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