Persuasive Essay: Pollution To Destruction

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Have you ever thrown away plastic you thought was useless after using it just once? Well by simply just living that kind of careless life day by day is not something that you could just ignore because it would eventually affect you and all of the inhabitants of this earth. Have you ever bother to think of the impacts of throwing recyclable or reusable plastic into our environment, because by just simply throwing away all potentially useful plastic product onto landfills it may further harm our environment to the point where it may be endangered. Therefore an action must be done to counter these problems occurring worldwide this issue from escalating into an even greater crisis which may endanger our earth as well as its populace, that is…show more content…
In order to prevent this issue from escalating there are solutions that we all as the inhabitants of our earth can solve starting from each and every individual which are reusing and recycling plastic so that the plastic your purchased could be used to its fullest extent, stop using disposable since they are a waste of materials and contributes greatly to the environmental crisis we’re currently experiencing, using fewer materials in production, and abolish the production and purchase of bottled water to reduce the amount of plastic thrown away. In truth I believe that all of these solutions may be a valid option to reduce the use of plastic, but since plastic is a product that’s considered essential in our daily lives it may not be easily removed from our lives, therefore the best solution would be to still use it in our daily lives but reduce its impacts from throwing it away into landfills would be using less plastic products until a suitable substitute is found.(Rinkesh,

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