Importance Of Positive Psychology

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To me, I see positive psychology as a person’s overall happiness (while being in a good mental, physical and emotional state of mind). Positive psychology is the bettering of one’s self even though they might already be perfectly happy - it is taking that extra step to improve your happiness. You can go above and beyond, there is no “maximum happiness” and no one to say when someone is too happy because there is no such thing. How I see positive psychology is that there is no “top” that you can reach - there is not a point where you reach your happiness and that is the highest peak it will get to. Opposed to the general idea of psychology that is typically identify the problem and then treating the problem - this branch of psychology really…show more content…
I am taking this course because happiness really does mean everything to me and to a lot of people around me. As well as that, I have really enjoyed the previous psychology classes that I have been a part of. In High School I took a psychology class with me boyfriend and we both really enjoyed it and spent time out of class talking about the class as well as working on extra assignments for the class. Last semester in college I took into to psychology and this semester I am taking developmental psychology as well as this positive psychology class. I am in the liberal studies program here at KVCC but I really enjoy the psychology classes that I am taking. The classes do not necessarily seem like work to me, but more as something fun and interesting for me to do. Happiness makes life enjoyable - you do not dread each day and you have something to look forward to and also something to enjoy in the moment and things to reflect on in the past that make you smile. I am taking this course to learn more about psychology, but the happier side of it rather than the treatments and sadness of mental illness and…show more content…
I like knowing that side of psychology but to balance out the downs, we really need to look at the “ups”. Positive Psychology is so important because even though someone is happy and content there is ALWAYS room for improvement and more happiness. Happiness should not be affected by material objects or money but sometimes that does help take the stress and anxiety off of some people. Having that money will help them pay their bills will take the stress off of someone, allowing them to feel secure for the time being knowing that they have a home to stay in or a way of traveling in their car. Another thing that I think can affect someone’s happiness are the thoughts of the future - if what they have now will get them to where they want to be in a year, 5 years or whatever their goal time might be. Having (healthy) strong relationships is a key components of happiness. Having someone you can depend upon gives you security and having someone to depend upon you can give someone a good sense of meaning and belonging. An important part of a healthy relationship is trust. Two people that can trust

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