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A Critique to Martin E.P. Seligman’s “A Balanced Psychology and a Full Life” In A Balanced Psychology and a Full Life, Martin E.P. Seligman argues that American psychology has focused too heavily on the research and treatment of mental illness, rather than the study and promotion of mental health. Seligman does an excellent job of supporting his argument, and I find myself agreeing with his point of view. The subject of what constitutes a happy and full life is a broad one. Virtually everyone, at some point in life, lends a considerable amount of thought to what will make them happy in this life. Nearly every decision that people make every day is in some way connected to what we believe will result in happiness. Despite this, as Seligman…show more content…
According to Seligman, America lost sight of many important aspects of psychology. Financial resources were a large factor that resulted in all but the study of mental illness fading away. After World War II, mental illness become very prevalent, and soon it became a pertinent issue. (417) Seligman claims that today we are better equipped to handle the mental disorders that had plagued society. Seligman concedes that the focus on mental illness has been beneficial in numerous ways, but argues that this focus has resulted in the neglect of other important aspects of psychology, such as the factors that constitute happiness and mental health (417-418). In his main points, Seligman describes what a balanced psychology could look like (417-418), asks the notoriously profound question “what is happiness?” (418-419), and poses another question, “interventions to nurture happiness?” (419-420). Seligman writes to inform his audience about the importance of “a balanced psychology and a full life,” as well as to persuade his audience of the benefits of not only focusing on the treatment of mental illness, but also the benefits of supporting positive psychology and researching and promoting happiness.…show more content…
He also presents the other side of the argument properly, even conceding to its relevance and backing it with research. Seligman appears to use and interpret his sources in a fair and logical way, without misusing them in order to slant the argument in his favor. Seligman presents an important issue that is relevant to society as a whole because most people are interested in learning more about what makes them

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