Importance Of Organizational Design

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Organization design isn’t only about organizational structure but also on how it is aligned with all the other aspects, functions, processes and strategies within the business. As the aim of this assessment task is about the understanding of organizational design and how its role in guiding business towards a more superior performance in today’s complex and turbulent environment. Furthermore, also mentioning about ways in order for an organization to become and stay successful. For example, they should strengthen on the contingent planning by setting up their main goal aim is to maintain on their business operations, conducting on the business impact analysis that helps them to identify and prioritize on the information systems supporting towards…show more content…
These process is mainly focusing on both the technical and people side of the business. An organization is very important as it enables individuals or groups to perform task more efficient in a way that it enable people to gather information and items more faster therefore it avoids wasting of time. Furthermore, in order to achieve an effective organization design, it is essential for most companies to practice on the design…show more content…
The importance of how Contingency plan is efficient for the used to help and organization to help responding effectively for a future event or a situation that may or may not be happening. (, 2015) without practicing contingency plan in an organization, organization would not be flexible enough to make on better management decision or would also be hard to maintain in a long run, therefore contingency planning is very crucial towards every existing organization and it should not be ignored in many companies these days and how contingency factors play an important role towards the structural decisions as they are the primary aspects of contingency theory. Organization Adoption towards the environment organization has also the option of changing its structure as it is an important phenomenon in both theory and practices in the organization design and changes. The distinctive feature of contemporary organizational environment is pace of change are continuously growing, stakeholder relationship is the priority in an organization, changing of strategy and process. To enhance the ability for an organization to become and stay successful, they should strengthen on the

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