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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides the insight as to what Human Resource strategies Unilever can use to increase its market share and play its role in strategic Human Resource Management. Moreover, this report mainly covers the functions of Human Resource Department at Unilever, which includes recruiting and selecting employees, training and developing, appraising, and compensating employees. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER We would like to express our greatest gratitude to our course instructor Ms. Samar Hussain; who has taught us so well and also advised and encouraged us to complete this report on time providing assistance all the time. And also a special thanks to all group members who completed this report together…show more content…
Reason behind this importance is that firms seek to recruit, select, retain, train and staff the best talent to the workforce. The diagram below shows the performance culture that respects Unilever’s values from 2010. It shows that a stronger performance culture gives a firm foundation for the future. In a turbulent world, where individuals are looking for importance at work, and adding to making feasible living, Unilever Pakistan make sure they are not behind. Their estimations of respect, responsibility, integrity and appreciation are immense, and their spearheading spirits manage their employees in the judgments, activities and choices they make every day. They are particularly vital as we expand into new markets, select and recruiting new individuals and face new challenges. Performance management means hiring the right people for the right job and who does the right work for Unilever. They believe the right people have the capability to provide the organization with new benchmarks. Unilever plans, monitors, develop, reward and reviews all employees work objectives over time and how much they contribute to the organization. Employees who help improve others performance as well as their own in the long run. Such people deserve appraisals more…show more content…
For instance we need to keep in mind the competitive strategy, corporate strategy and compensations. If we analyze these in terms of Unilever’s perspective we can understand in a clearer manner how they contribute towards the performance of the employees and the organization. Unilever consists of many various types of dealings established within Pakistan and outside Pakistan. Employees do not want to go to underdeveloped areas or the rural areas, in order to encourage them and to achieve its goals Unilever needs to provide these employees with facilities that would motivate them to go to such areas. An example of this is that no employee wants to go Sukkur due to this issue only in order to change that, they need to provide leisure activities, educational support for the family, making sure they have access to all the places where they need their necessities of life from such as grocery. The pay plan should be annually across the board by 3 percent for all the employees’ in order to appraise and motivate everyone. Other than that employees who do exceptionally well from a department should get a bonus of 6 percent and the employees who do exceptionally well within the whole organization should be given a raise by 9

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