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Women play a vital role in both managing work and home, where she has to put her full concentration with passion so as to execute her work sensibly and successfully. Though it appears to be very common discussion about women of her manageable capacity of handling work station and home chores, I as a researcher personally feel that it is still a very crucial and inevitable to discuss and focus on such relevant concepts as we have lot of tasks to be carried out, for which concentration and active awareness is the most needed skill to manage all situations, especially for a working women. , because she requires more concentration and resilience to handle both the personal and professional tasks. Keeping this in view the present study is carried over. Objective of the study: This present study aims at understanding the mindfulness of working women and her everyday experiences irrespective of the work spot or at home. It is believed that women as “shakthi” and that she have more mental resilience and the power to manage the life happenings. In this study, the…show more content…
What we currently term mindfulness in the area of contemplative science, and the corresponding techniques of its cultivation, stem from Eastern introspective psychological practices, specifically Buddhist psychology, which made reference to the concept over 2,500 years ago. Mindfulness is a term stemming from the Pali language, whereby Sati is combined with Sampajana , and this term is translated to mean awareness, circumspection, discernment, and retention. Kabat Zinn( 1994) defined mindfulness as, “ paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non

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