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HTET SOE ENG300-01 6/7/15 Essay 1 Greatest Television series of both House of Cards and the animated comedy series Family Guy exposes personal accounts of anti-hero in languages, traditions and gender relations. The House of Cards tells the wrenching story of the struggles and importance of being an anti-hero and how it affects people lives daily. The main character, Frank Underwood manifests the important role of an anti-hero in his time and shows the significant characters of a modern anti-hero. The film tells the story of a married couple living in Washington and making their way up to achieve their goal in an emotionless and ruthless way. However, in the show of Family guy, Peter Griffin is the main antagonist who is always making trouble…show more content…
They can be magnanimous and can show courage or steadfastness under pressure. They can sometimes defend themselves when necessary.” This can be seen as when Frank help Linda’s son get into the Stanford university; showing his loyalty. Overall, the show is extremely compelling and gives a fictional view of the inner workings of the oval office. From the political point of view, Frank and Claire are two morally corrupt politicians manipulating and killing people to gain their political advantage. In terms of Frank actions, he undermines a lot of American beliefs in the two-party system. Beside his egotistic actions, yet, he still gets things done in Washington D.C like education bill in the first season. May be it is a moral of House of Cards: sometimes it takes an anti-hero like Frank Underwood to actually get things done in…show more content…
Although it is a comedian series, the main protagonist Peter griffin is not as nice character as some people think. He is always lousy, creating chaos, abusing his family and basically doing whatever he wants. He also abuses his wife Louis and sometimes he has no respect and makes her do against her will. Likewise, Peter’s character seems to have a better moral code than Frank and Clarie but yes they both are not good. Peter has a lovely charm because even though he is useless in many ways, he always finds to care about his family. For example, when he got fired from the kid’s toy industry, he was unemployment and has no job to provide foods on the table; he was actually showing his love for his family. Even if he had to get a welfare, which he knows it isn’t right, he still chooses to provide his family wants. Frank on the other hand has no sympathy or love with his wife and yet he even have an affair with Joey often. The bond between Frank and Claire is not romance or love rather it is bond of power for domination. For Peter, he poses a hero inside an anti-hero. For example, in the beginning of episode four, Peter punches in the women face, although he did not know she was a woman because of what she look and in the end he still feel sorry for his mistake, showing that it was his fault and taking responsibility as a hero. Also, because of so many wrong things he committed, Peter doesn’t

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