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HTET SOE ENG300-01 6/7/15 Essay 1 The great Television series of both House of Cards and the animated comedy series Family Guy expose personal accounts of anti-hero in languages, traditions and gender relations. The House of Cards tells the wrenching story of the struggles and importance of being an anti-hero and how it affects people lives daily. The main character, Frank Underwood manifests the important role of an anti-hero in his time and shows the significant characters of a modern anti-hero. The film tells the story of a married couple living in Washington and making their way up to achieve their goal in an emotionless and ruthless way. However, in the show of Family guy, Peter Griffin is the main antagonist who is always making trouble…show more content…
Traditional hero is someone who acts in mindfulness of heart and soul, who doesn’t break the law and plays by the book. In the first scene of House of Cards' first episode, he was killing a dog that had just been hit by a car in his neighborhood. Then, he tells the camera that "Moments like this require someone who will act ... do the unpleasant thing. The necessary thing,” This tells the audience that he will do the necessary job even if it wasn’t right for anyone else. Frank has a strong character of an antihero. He lacks noble characteristics of a traditional hero in spiritually and culturally as Shadi Neimneh, the author of “The Anti-Hero in Modernist Fiction: From Irony to Cultural Renewal” refer to as a “Hollow Men”. Frank and Claire become so inhuman and more mechanical that they seemed to give less than those who sacrificed for them and that they were equally ruthless. Frank became so ruthless that killing his way to become a Vice President and as well as Claire, who blackmail her staff to the CWI. This shows their relationship that they really made each other stronger. However, It is clear that Claire did what is necessary than what is right on firing dozens of longtime employees even though without flinching. It is inevitably true in a real world situation because on some occasion the decision maker or the leader has to step up and make a decision, which may

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