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MICE or we can say meetings, incentives, conventions and expositions are the new upcoming industry which deals with all events like meeting, incentives, conventions and expositions so the MICE Industry is the growing industry it is also like hospitality industry because it also caters to people’s needs, wants and demands. The MICE Industry is one such industry which is growing extensively and a rapidly growing industry which is largely associated with the travelling for business purpose and in MICE different subsections of MICE are having quite a different characteristics but MICE as a whole is an industry or we can say a service industry which combines trade, transportation, finance and travelling. The significance of mice industry is that…show more content…
The MICE Industry in India is because of its market and the market is something which attract more and more of the business traveler who come for business and these business traveler are the one who needs MICE as we all know that MICE comes from meetings, incentives, conventions and expositions which these business parties and company’s and big industries required to keep something enjoyable in there boring and long-long meetings and conferences. So again when it comes to India because it has a heritage to be considered as one of the most hospitable and all its other…show more content…
As taken here is a business event and all the impacts of the business event are discussed and what are exhibition and expo and all other things impacting on the MICE Industry in India. In India brief impact of the MICE Industry is that the growth and development of the city by building new infrastructures and this is one of the major impact which will make India as a MICE destination and the overall learning outcome of this project was to get a knowledge of the main features and characteristics of business events and Appreciate and assess the needs and event objectives of a diverse range of clients keeping in view the current trends which are there in this project all the current trends of the MICE Industry in India and also the main features of a business event that whether it is an expo, exhibition, trade fair, conference, incentives meet, annual meeting or any other such

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