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I have interviewed one of an experience’s women from my village on hijab. Nylia was her name before she reverts to Islam and now she changes her name to Nadia. She is 36 years old by now and lives in Johor Bahru with his beloved husband, Akmal. The beginning of her journey towards Islam and the Hijab started when she met her husband. From the interview, I asked her several questions. When i asked her on who inspired her to wear hijab, she said “ohh .the one who inspired me is of course, my husband. i started to wear hijab after getting marriage with him when i was 24 years old. My husband encouraged me to wear hijab. He said, i look more attractive and empowered in hijab”. She also add that “Sometimes people ask me if my husband forced me to wear the hijab, in fact he did not, he would have supported me, whatever my decision was”. It is her own choice to wear it as she felt protected, safe and makes her feel free when she first started to wear it. She also did mention Hijab makes her feel respected and at peace with herself. According to Lily, at first, she feels offend in which her family think that she became weird for covering the head outside and inside home as well as in her workplace. Her family actually against her decisions to…show more content…
As she said that “i came to like Hijab. Hijab is liberation. it is the freedom to assert my identity and live according to my values”. In addition, i asked her on the negative and positive effect of hijab. Based on her answer, the positive is outweighing the negative. She said, “ the negative effect of Hijab i can say is that i feel so hot when wearing it and ermmm, since it cover my head, the beauty of my hair also cannot be seen but all of that are not matters to me anymore. I wear Hijab in order to guard myself from the lustful looks of the other men and this beauty is only for my husband. From doing that, Alhamdulillah i feel

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