Holocaust Persuasive Speech

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Afraid, not sure what was going to happen next. Today they remember the pain and the suffering. Long ago in the year 1948, 2 years after the genocide, a country was going to hopefully be established as a safe place for practice of religion. But, sadly before, all other places they tried to enter pushed them away. They were beginning to lose hope. “The Holocaust should be a significant warning to what might happen when racism, hatred, violence and anti-Semitism permeate the world,” Lavi said. “At the end of the day, we must learn to live with each other and respect each other. We were all created equal in the image of God” (“The Times of Israel”). It was a struggle for Jews during and after World War II and the Holocaust. The Holocaust was…show more content…
An abundance of Jewish people we killed during the Holocaust by Nazi’s, “By 1945, most European Jews—two out of every three—had been killed. Most of the surviving remnant of European Jewry decided to leave Europe” (“United States Holocaust Memorial Museum”). Over 6 million Jews died during the tragic event when the Nazi soldiers/workers would do terrible things. The Germans would have their children read books to hate Jews from a young age, “German Children would read an anti-Jewish propaganda books including “The Poisonous Mushroom”” (“US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Nazi Propaganda”). They would do this because the younger you are the more impressionable you are. The Germans wanted their children to continue the burning hatred the Nazi’s created. Before many concentration camps were established the Germans, and others, would ransack the house of the Jews leaving nothing to have and no where to go, “Before the onset of war, the first pogrom in Nazi Germany was Kristallnacht, often called Pogromnacht, or "night of broken glass," in which Jewish homes were ransacked in numerous German cities” (“My Jewish Learning”). The war caused many neighbors turn on neighbors, turning each other in to the “green police”. They would go out to their way to make money because it was hard time with money but, a lot of Jews were business owners making more money than the average

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