Gift-Giving In Beowulf And Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Introduction Gift giving is a way of expressing feelings you may have for another person, it may also be considered a social, economic and cultural experience. When I am giving a gift I like to think that I am doing it selflessly, and at times with nothing in return. In the stories of Beowulf, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I plan on linking the idea of gift giving, showing how the story line would be incomplete without the act of gift giving. I want to learn how much is community involved in gift giving, along with the task I set for myself is to learn what is the ultimate gift? Beowulf The importance of giving of gifts, in the world of “Beowulf’ the narrator strives to let us know even before meeting Beowulf for the first time, that it is important for a king to be generous with their wealth and riches, never to hold back the treasure if he is generous he will be surrounded by faithful and loyal warriors. “And a young prince must be prudent like that, giving freely while his father lives so that afterwards in age when fighting starts steadfast companions will stand by him and hold the line. Behaviour that's admired is the path to power among people everywhere.” (20-25). I can imagine that this is a world of selfless warriors, they are given the treasure freely…show more content…
Now that I have bartered my last breath to own this fortune, it is up to you to look after their needs. I can hold out no longer.” (2795-2801). Beowulf exemplifies to me that he was a great warrior, he also shows me other qualities, like being unusually strong, courageous along with a loyal friend, above all he is selfless, not thinking of himself but of others. He gave his life for his people, and then ensured that they would be taken care of, thru the treasure that they found. Above all he gave the ultimate gift, his

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