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The Epistle of John, believed to have been written after the Gospel of John, to address many of the problems that had arisen in the church community. Although it is referred to as a letter, it has none of the marks of ancient correspondences such as a greeting, letter body, or letter closing. It reads more like a sermon or pastoral manual. John wanted to warn the churches of the false teachers who were spreading the teachings of another doctrine. He refers to these deceivers as the antichrists or false prophets (Achtemeier et al., 2001 p. 542-545). The importance of this letter is to remind Christians to follow the commandments that God put forth and to love one another. “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth…show more content…
I can think back to my dark teenage years and cringe at some of my actions and things that I said to my parents. I was not an easy person to live with at that time of my life and was often very disrespectful to my parents. I did not follow the commandment of honoring my parents because I thought I had all the answers and they knew nothing. But, thankfully, as I got older and more mature, I realized that the world was not against me and that it did not revolve around me either. It became apparent that being kind and helping others was far more rewarding which led me to my career path. I know now that many of my not-so-nice and sinful actions in my younger years have helped to shape me into the woman that I am today. I have learned a lot form the mistakes that I made when I was younger, and I think most of my acting out had to do with the people that I associated with. I did not surround myself with friends that my best interests in mind, like my parents did. Now, as an adult, I surround myself with encouraging and inspiring people who help and want to make me a better person. I choose to live a life filled with light but I have the memories of a darker time to keep me on the correct

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