Importance Of Fair Trial

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How is the right to a fair trial in relation to the presumption of innocence, protected at the pre-trial stage? The aim of this research project is essential to try and find what makes a fair trial fair, in regards to when a suspect is to be presumed innocent until he is found guilty, whilst delving deeper in the matter of when does the right to a fair trial begin to run. As this can be considered to start either during the hearing of the case or else prior to the trial stage itself. In the sense that if the latter presumption is true than the right to a fair hearing will start to count the moment one is thought to be a suspect. This therefore provides further implications which need to be addressed. The presumption of innocence is part of…show more content…
One cannot fail to mention the right for legal assistance which the suspect may have during the interrogation or in Malta’s case an hour prior to the police interrogation. This means of legal assistance is usually very much controversial as some legal scholars and practitioners believe that this is of utmost importance, yet the case of Salduz v. Turkey 4 tends to show that legal assistance is necessary in cases of where the accused is a vulnerable person and thus this idea of legal assistance is not to be seen to infringe the right to a fair trial if the suspect has no legal assistance. Moreover the author will also look at the existing feature of the individual’s right of access to a court. This is a significant right of the individual where without such fundamental right the suspect would have no right at all to rebut the charge brought against him and therefore the presumption of innocence would fail to exist. Another feature that the author would like to uphold is how the rule of inference, that is, the reason of proof used to determine one’s fate. Whereas whether the right to silence on part of the suspect can either mean guilt as he fails to answer the police questions through the…show more content…
Here the author would not only delve deeper into existing laws which suggests that a person is to be considered innocent before the law, but also compare Maltese existing laws with any relevant foreign approaches. By analysing the research question using the black letter approach the author would have the opportunity, of looking at the mechanism of the law and its interpretation only from the eyes of the law and not at other implications and therefore it would provide a more specific and precise scientific approach. “The black letter approach aims to systematise, rectify and clarify the law”5 whereas comparative law is seen to be “an extension of the study of national law”6 and this can help the author to look at the Maltese national perspective more critically. However, one of the main weaknesses which the author must face is that since few works have been written in Malta on the matter it could be far easier to emphasise on foreign jurisdictions, as since the presumption of innocence is an underlying principle of the Convention of the Fundamental Human Rights than more information could be sought regarding foreign works, whereas it would be quite a challenge to

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