Essay On The First Amendment

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Amendment I - In my own words Congress can not make a law respecting or endorsing a religion, or prohibit the exercise of any religion. Congress can also not make any law depriving anyone of their freedom of speech, press, and journalism, ability to assemble peacefully and to protest the government. Analyzation - In the first amendment, there is a given right of freedom of speech, meaning Congress can not make a law that lessens your rights to speak freely and also your ability to report on government actions. It also makes it clear that citizens have the ability to assemble peacefully, as well as protest the government. This makes a lot of sense because in the past many monarchies and non-secular run countries would often punish and incriminate…show more content…
I feel like that since it was technically first, it was important to show the countries values and direction. The rights given shows us a good precedent for our future by being a secular country, yet still having a certain religious tolerance with no bias. These days you will see protests everywhere, and for good reason, I don't think that this country would have lasted if people didn't have their right to fight against the government in a peaceful manner. I feel like American Journalism has gone a long way and these days it is rather controversial, but it is a building block of American culture. News media is everywhere and these days the number of articles written about politics and our government is staggering. Journalism has shown Americas rich diversity in opinions and the fight between parties and the fight of citizens against its own government. With these rights people have the ability to question the governments way without being silenced, the people are allowed to speak and will be heard. If the constitution was never ratified, I don't believe our states would really be united. It would be an embarrassment if we could not find equal ground and even if we did become a country, I feel like it would look pretty different and probably have different
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