Biblical Allusions To Depression Essay

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It is interesting to note that the word or term “depression” is not discussed in the Bible. Many of the Bible characters, however, suffered from depression at some time or another and this is evident in the Scriptures as we read words like “being downcast”, “to be despondent”, “to lose courage or heart”, “to despair” and “to be heartbroken.” We read of characters such as David, Peter, Moses, Elijah, Samuel and Hannah who all experienced these feelings of despair but eventually pulled through and experienced a new and lasting joy. By God’s grace, we can be delivered out of every situation. Jesus loved and valued us so much that He was willing to suffer horribly and to die on the cross for us so that we could enjoy our lives. Jesus wants…show more content…
The counsellor needs to have a good knowledge of all of the possible causes as there are genetic-biological causes as well as psychological-cognitive causes. Hormonal or chemical imbalances, low blood pressure, PMS, certain virus infections and long-term illnesses can all lead to depression and unless these conditions are treated medically, the person’s depression could become worse and even lead to suicide. It is therefore of utmost importance that the Christian counsellor seeks professional medical assistance for the counselee in this…show more content…
By changing thought processes, actions can be changed as well. The counsellor must encourage the person to express their feelings as by listening the person will feel cared for. By showing empathy, the depressed person will feel loved and will confide in the counsellor even more. The counsellor needs to encourage and compliment the person. In this way they will see that the counsellor has faith in them and that there is something good in them. Depression can often be caused by feelings of guilt. The counsellor must lead them to confess and forgive, always relying on the Holy Spirit for guidance on the next step to take. Always pray for the person and remember to give them all the love you have to give. Remind them that Jesus loves them very much and He loves them just the way they

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