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Everybody loves summer. It's nice to be outdoors in the sun, with your shots on a glass of something cold in one hand and friends milling about. It's even nicer when there's a pool you can dip into to cool off. However, not every one can have a pool in their backyard. Most people have to contend with communal swimming pools and dodgy waters at their local YMCA. Pools at expensive to build and even more expensive to maintain so if money is an issue for you then a built-in pool will always be something you dream of. There is a bit of good news, in that there is an alternative way that you can create a pool when you need to and never have to contend with chemical and pool cleaning equipment. Yes, we are talking about a portable pool. Portable…show more content…
The one feature that makes the pool set stand out is the pump. It is incredible fast and makes filling and draining the pool a breeze. The pool has dual suction outlets which let the water glow in a pattern which maximizes the filtration process ensuring a cleaner, clearer pool. The pool can be moved around, all you need to do is find a flat area around your yard. When you are done with it, when summer gives way to winter you can drain the pool, fold it up and store it in your basement or garage. PROS AND CONS The Intex pool 15ft X 48in metal frame pool set is a simple pool designed for easy set up. It is sturdy and can accommodate a small family. Although we would have loved to have a perfect above ground pool, there really is no such thing. When deciding to buy you should always consider the pros and cons and figure which one outweighs this other. Here is a list of pros and cons based on customer experiences and reviews. Pros - Easy to set up. Comes with instructional DVD - Removable filter cartridge that is easy to clean - Has a sturdy liner which is great for children - Garden hose attachments make draining easy - Has a ladder that makes it easy for kids to climb on Cons - Requires a flat surface free of debris - You may need a cover to prevent overfilling when it

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