Importance Of Developmental Development

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When providing the right kind of developmental care, it is easier to plan the type of care based on a certain theoretical framework based on a precise age group. If one knows what developmental stage someone is in, it makes it easier to try to fit the persons needs rather than just providing the same kind of care to every single age group. Different age groups need different kinds of care. The age group I have worked with this week, the elderly, need a much different kind of care than if I were at a daycare or preschool. For this facility, I would use the development framework of Erikson to develop a plan of care for the people who live here. This development framework helps break down this age group in a way that could help just about…show more content…
One of which could be food. Being hungry or even just the idea of how good a certain food may taste may be enough for someone to want to get out of bed in the morning. Another motivating factor that may influence this age group is family. For some people, family means the absolute world to them. The idea that family is coming to see them or that they have family around may motivate someone in this age group to continue on with a treatment whether that be medicine or some sort of therapy. Family may be the only thing that motivates someone to get up in the morning and get dressed. Another thing that may motivate someone in this age group is celebrations. Someone may be motivated to keep with their physical therapy or to get ready for the day by the fact that a certain holiday is coming up or a birthday and they know there will be a party or some sort of celebration taking place. This could also combine with the motivation of seeing family as well because the family is usually together to celebrate something uplifting or…show more content…
One I did see was water on the floor. This could increase the risk of falls occurring especially if someone is walking with a walker or a cane. Another thing that could increase the risk of injuries are carts left in the hallway. One of the residents could easily run into a cart when they leave their room. A resident who has poor eye sight could simply not see the cart until it is too late and they have already run into it. Another hazard that may increase the risk of injury are all the doors swing open. A resident could be walking down the hallway and the next thing they know they are smacked by a door from a person not being careful. This could be potentially one of the most dangerous things I witnessed at the facility. This hazard can be easily fixed as

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