Michael Oher's Dialectical Therapy

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Michael Oher is a 28-year-old male who grew up in the inner-city housing projects with his mother in Memphis, Tennessee, apartment named “Hurt Village." Hurt village consisted of individuals that are involved in gangs, criminal acts and drugs/alcohol. Oher was exposed to substance abuse at an early age from living with his mother. Throughout his childhood, Michael was removed from his home by social services due to mother being a drug-addict. Michael did not have a father figure growing up. He was placed in numerous foster homes, but as a teenager, he left the foster system to live on the streets due to be treated poorly. Oher was given the opportunity to live with and be cared for by the Tuohy family. It was difficult for Oher to fully trust…show more content…
He is concerned that his insecure attachment to others may affect future relationships and a family of his own. Dialectical therapy has been used in therapy to help being mindful of his emotions and calming strategies. A service Oher has received during the course of 27 years is tutoring during high school and college. Oher stated without his tutor, he does not feel he would have been able to graduate either high school or college. Oher mentioned that many teachers and school administers did not believe him and set himself up to fail. If only each child had at least one adult to believe in them and help them with school work, then there may be higher success rate at school. Oher has benefited through services from the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act before meeting the Tuohy family. Oher received was placed in shelter while waiting for additional services for housing and counseling. However, Oher struggled with coming to terms that he was not going to be reunited with his family that he ran away from the shelter in search of his biological mother. One limitation to this service is that is currently reauthorized, and he was not able to receive this service when realizing he was not able to stay with his…show more content…
Oher has mentioned on more than one occasion that he wished he had a positive adult role model to look up to in his childhood before meeting the Tuohy family. By volunteering at the boys and girls club, it can help Oher feel he is giving children in need a positive role model. While attending high school, Oher mentioned he enjoyed going into the playground and interacting with the children. Oher stated in a way, he felt as though he was relieving his childhood years by going to the playground. By having as much involvement with volunteering with children will help Oher deal with the childhood he feels he is missing out

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