Julius Caesar Character Traits

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People like Julius Caesar are very rare people to find. He had never been depressed or disheartened by any kind of misfortunes. Additionally, he was determined to face all dangers that surrounded him and did not succumb to any of them. The society was something he was fond of, and it was fond of him, too. In his life, he accomplished a lot. He had a political lifestyle, he had power over Rome, and he was assassinated and left a great effect on the future of Rome. He was very keen on special tactics and strategies that would help him handle the Roman soldiers who were rough and greedy. Also, patience was a trait that he had, which helped him plan for the best time and place that he would fight his battles. All these positive traits are…show more content…
He was sent several times to a king called Bithynia to fetch a fleet in which he was suspected of having false deals with. He also served under a person called Serviliys Isaricus in Cilicia. His exposure to the military also made him popular, and it was at this point he started his political ambitions. Julius Caesar belonged to one of the oldest roman families. He was a member of the popular Democratic Party. Caesar was ordered to divorce Lucius Cornelius’ daughter, Cinna. However, he never obeyed. Consequently, he fled Rome due to his prescription. He only returned to Rome after Lucius died. He was very popular in his party because of his good characteristics as an orator. It was also during this time when Caesar went to Asia so as to drive away the army called Cappadocian. When he returned to Rome, he was in the lead in agitating for government reforms. Additionally, Caesar was behind the election of Pompey, who became the head of the Democratic Party. Due to his popularity, he became a military tribune. Together with Pompey, they went to the East so as to obtain power in terms of command. After that, he returned to Rome and became more honored than Pompey. All this time, he continually adored Cinna and Marius, and…show more content…
He bribed his way up to the position of the high priest, better known as the Pontifex Maximus. Immediately, he participated in government. However, all the reforms were considered meaningless by some, and his power was considered absolute. His power seemed sort of a monarchy, which evoked great hatred from the Roman people as they loved and cherished their Republican tradition. This prompted some people to plan on how they would attack Caesar. Caesar has murdered on March 15 44 BC. The populace was not pleased with his dictatorial style of leadership. Several plots had been made in an attempt to kill him. A soothsayer was known as Spurrina had warned him of the impending danger that would befall him in the mouth of March. In fact, on the day prior to his death, Caesar had dreamt that a person had stabbed him in the arms of his wife. His health was also deteriorating, which made him easily handed over, but he dismissed all these claims and even laughed off the words of the soothsayer. Several people came to him and pretended to be paying their respects to him. They were conspirators, and they stabbed him repeatedly. He had more than twenty wounds inflicted on his body. Afterwards, the conspirators ran away. His lifeless body was later carried by his slaves where he

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