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Atticus Finch as a father In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the character Atticus Finch plays the role of a father. When a child comes into the world, the father receives many responsibilities. A father loves, provides for, and protects a child. Through Atticus Finch, Lee demonstrates how a father must care for his children. Throughout the novel, Atticus provides for his two children, Scout and Jem, in many ways. In Celebrate the Family by Gary Smalley and John Trent, Ph.D., it is written that, “Fathers establish a profound relationship with their children that nurture them emotionally and physically.” (31). Throughout the novel, Atticus can be seen providing emotional and physical support to Jem and Scout. In the…show more content…
In Discipline for Young Children - Discipline and Punishment: What is the Difference? by Valya Telep, Former Extension Specialist, Child Development, Virginia State University, it is written, “…discipline helps children learn to control their behavior so that they act according to… what is right and wrong…” (1). Atticus Finch teaches his children right from wrong so that they can make their own decisions on how to behave based on what he teaches them. In the scene where Atticus convinces Scout to continue going to school, he tells her about bending the law in special cases, but hers was not a special case, so she had to go to school (Lee 33). Atticus disciplines Scout by telling her that she had to go to school, no question asked. Even though Scout does not see it at the time, Atticus is helping her understand that sometimes people have to do things they do not particularly want to do. Later on in the novel, in the scene with Jem destroying the camellia bushes, Atticus makes Jem go to Mrs. Dubose’s home to read to her every afternoon for a set amount of time (121). Atticus does this because he wants to help Jem understand that there are consequences for doing wrong. Like any good father, Atticus makes sure to give Jem a fitting punishment. Throughout the novel, Atticus disciplines his children in different ways. He always acts fairly and lets them explain themselves before deciding

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