Majestic Coastline Analysis

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The Majestic Coastline of New England New England is a region of the United States that contains the northeastern states. These states include Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island. New England is known for its extensive amount of nature ranging from the brushing of the waves from the sea to the brobdingnagian mountains that take days to hike. New England is also known for its phenomenal writers, artists and poets. Three well known are Ruth Moore who is a Writer, Rockwell Kent who is a artist, and Sylvia Plath who is a poet. All three are well known for there pieces of work that emphasize the angelic coastline of New England. They all demonstrate how the coastline effects the living and beauty of not only…show more content…
This was a painting of Monhegan Island, Maine of the waves crashing along the coast of the rocks on a cold misty day. The smell of the sea is seasoned throughout the air of the coast. The painting symbolizes the gracious feeling of the ocean that makes everyone feel free. Carol L. Douglas, from the blog watch me paint, states that, “ looking at his piece is more bracing than a gin-and-tonic. Sweeter than an ice cream cone.” Meaning that the piece is a masterpiece. Another of Kent’s pieces is named “Toilers of the sea”. This is one Kent’s most classic piece of work that was created in 1907. This piece of art identifies the importance of adventure with the thrill of sailors controlling their boats to the coastline. It gives multiple examples of the coastline being “rich” to the sailors after being out at sea for multiple days catching fish for a living. Without this coastline they wouldn’t be able to experience they way they live and wouldn’t have the feeling of being free from the…show more content…
From an early age Plath had an interest in writing. She first started writing in her journal. After awhile she started creating her own pieces that won her a scholarship to Smith College in 1950. When she was still attending school she went to New York to work for a magazine company. After working for this company Plath tried to kill herself by using sleeping pills. Plath later received treatment. She finished college at Smith College and then started studying at Newnham College where she met her husband Ted Hughes who was also a poet. Plath studied with many other poets in 1957 and created many poems during that year. In 1962 Ted Hughes left Plath for another woman. This lead Plath into deep depression and mental illness. In 1963 Plath created to be considered her best poems, but that same year Plath committed suicide. Her legacy still continued after death with her poems still getting released. Plath was known for the poems she has created. This one she created while meeting Ted Hughes. The name of this poem is called “ Two Lovers And A Beachcomber By The Real Sea”. This poem shows their summer home being right next to the ocean gives the allusion of the waves hitting the shore as the seaweed gets brushed across the sand from the sea. Plath shows the free feeling as the water runs by and sun rises and set just like

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