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A verbal warning is given by employers, supervisors or upper management to an employee to indicate that the employee’s behavior in the office is inappropriate or that his or her work is substandard. A verbal warning gives the employer a chance to discuss the employee’s behavior based on a warning rather than a written memo that goes in the employee’s file. It can be as simple as “do not do that again” and nothing more is said about it, or it can be the first step in taking severe action. The warning may be given in a firm or friendly manner, but whatever the tone, it should be taken seriously. The employee may not consider getting a verbal warning as something very serious, after all, it does not go on their record. However, it should be considered…show more content…
If they feel the warning was unjustified, they should explain why in a letter that will be put in their file. If the employee wants to keep the job, here are some ways to respond to a verbal warning: The employee should ask the boss for some time when the issue of reprimand can be discussed. The topic should not be taken up at a casual moment in the break room or elevator. Meeting the employer privately allows the employee to show that he or she takes the warning seriously and wants help for improvement. For example, if tardiness that is unavoidable is the reason for the warning, the employee may suggest that he work late or on the weekend. If the warning was vague or general such as “you don’t work well with the team”, the employee can ask for specific instances. This is not the time to be defensive, but the employee should listen and take notes. There may be a few instances when the employee treaded on others feelings and was not aware of it. Once the employee understands his or her mistakes, they should think seriously how to improve their behavior. Some changes may be easy to do immediately, and some may be long-term. The goal is a verbal commendation in which the employer acknowledges the employee’s

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