Pursuing A Bachelor's Degree In Focus By Daniel Goleman

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Being raised by parents who are first generation college graduates allowed me to recognize the distinction between success and happiness. They adopted the belief early on in their lives that in order to be successful you must be diligent and productive while fulfilling your responsibilities and that leisure may be appreciated after these responsibilities were fulfilled. They are both educated and industrious but growing up I often overheard them complaining about their careers and the challenges it imposed onto them. Both of them were educators, my dad being a social studies teacher for at risk students, while my mom is the curriculum director for a K-12 private school. They always encouraged me to achieve my goals and pursue a career that…show more content…
Despite being raised to believe that there is a separate time for work and pleasure, I feel that if you are truly satisfied with your career choice, then you will be determined to work hard because it gives you gratification. Although, while reading the excerpt from Focus by Daniel Goleman, I did not previously consider that a crucial factor of attaining success is the ability to be aware and attentive for long periods of time. Being that a work ethic instilled in me is to strive to be productive, I always approached completing tasks with the intent of a successful completion. I realized that I never actually took the time to concentrate while completing a task, such as school work and assignments, because I considered them to be perfunctory and I would allow my mind to deviate…show more content…
During week days we were only allowed to watch television or use our devices for an hour after all of our homework and chores were complete. We would then eat dinner together and enjoy each other’s company for the remainder of the night. Throughout my teenage years all of my friends constantly needed to be in possession of their cell phones. Whenever I invited them to my house, we all ended up sitting in the living room with each of them playing their music loudly on their phones or watching youtube and vine videos. The conflicting sounds that each of their phones projected became a nuisance and I could only tolerate it for short fragments of time. Whenever I attempted to initiate a conversation with any of them, I would have to wait a couple of minutes for them to even respond. This was the very reason that I agreed with my parents on their rules regarding

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