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In Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds”, the Author sheds light on the personal battles immigrants face in the pursuit of the American Dream. She does this through the main character the mother, who like many mothers only wants what's best for their daughters. Her desire for this dream is heightened since her aspirations for her daughter is stemmed from her, dogmatic belief that America is the land of opportunity. This story stood out to me because of how the author uses Jei- Ming and the mother to examine the generational tension faced amongst many mothers and daughters and the personal struggles immigrants face in the pursuit of the American Dream. The mother believed that you could be anything you wanted in America. As any other mother, she wanted her…show more content…
However that caused some tension between the relationship of a mother and daughter. A Jing-mei’s mother wants her daughter to be obedient, always doing what she’s told. On the contrary, Jing-mei always fights everything she’s told to do. For example when she says, “I wasn't her slave. This wasn't china. I had to listen to her before and look what happened. She’s the stupid one” (pg.1123), she neglects to do everything for her mother. The pressure of a mother can sometimes be irritating and hard to take, but it does not mean they want you to be their slave. They do it for love and maybe they didn't have a chance when they were young. Mothers want their children to take advantage of every opportunity they are given. Although, I believe in this story Jing-Mei is forced to do things she's not into. Parents can't force you to do something you do not enjoy doing, of course they should support you with anything you choose to…show more content…
For example, “you could open a restaurant. You could work for the government and get good retirement. You could buy a house with almost no money down. You could become rich. You could become instantly famous” (pg.1117). Families that strongly believe in the American dream can easily connect to Amy Tan’s story. The idea of America being place where you can archive anything you want takes place in the entire story. The mother puts her American dream and all her desires of success on the shoulder of her daughter, she said that with hard work and a little luck, Jing-Mei can be anything that she chooses to be. Becoming from an immigrant family myself, I know the American dream can be true, immigrants come to a different country to seek opportunities. Opportunities they didn't have in their country, or dreams they had been destroyed or not realized. Sometimes parents tend to project those destroyed dreams them their children. The Chinese mother who lost her family and all her dreams in china, now hopes to recapture her lost dreams through her daughter. “Two Kinds” describes of a story of two cultures, where Jing Mei, a young American girl whose mother, has lost everything in China, wants to realize her own dreams through her daughter, whom she hopes will become a child prodigy. Being an immigrant is not easy and they struggle a lot to achieve

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